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Nos sacs/sachets de poudre de couleur holi

Nos poudres holi sont disponibles en un large éventail de couleurs et de conditionnements. Achetez nos petits sachets qui sont disponibles en 70 et 100 grammes. Toute autre taille et quantité est possible. Personnalisez votre événement coloré en faisant imprimer vos sacs de fête holi avec votre logo. Kingdom of Colors propose un service d’impression polychrome. Il vous est également possible de mélanger vos propres couleurs spécifiques. Contactez-nous pour connaître les possibilités ! Kingdom of Colors: Français fournisseur le moins cher de Poudre HOLI COULEUR!


Nos sacs de poudre de couleur holi en vrac

Kingdom of Colors propose des poudres holi en vrac dans un grand nombre de couleur et de conditionnements. Les sacs de vrac standard sont disponibles en conditionnement de 5, 10 ou 25 kg, mais nous sommes également en mesure de livrer n’importe quelle taille et conditionnement souhaité. Nos sacs de poudre holi en vrac sont très populaires pour l’organisation de courses de couleur et fêtes des couleurs dans le monde entier. La poudre holi en vrac vous intéresse ? Contactez-nous pour connaître les possibilités!


Personnaliser votre commande de poudre de couleur holi

Holi Color bag logo Au cours des dernières années, Kingdom of Colors est fier d’être devenu le fournisseur de nombreux événements colorés dans le monde entier. Nous utilisons notre expérience pour conseiller les organisateurs d’événements. Nos poudres holi en vente sont disponibles dans un vaste éventail de couleurs. Vous souhaitez faire mélanger votre propre couleur ? C’est également possible. Dites-nous la couleur spécifique que vous aimez et coordonnez cela avec notre production. Contactez-nous pour discuter des possibilités pour votre événement!

Acheter de la poudre de couleur holi en ligne

Contactez nousPoudre couleur sachet

Nous sommes le plus important grossiste de poudre de couleur de holi au monde. Nos couleurs de holi premium sont utilisées par les distributeurs, les magasins en ligne et les vendeurs de couleur de holi les plus respectés.

Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni

Les fêtes holi et les courses de couleur holi ainsi que les événement holi de collecte de fonds les plus respectés utilisent nos poudres de couleur. Vous envisagez d’organiser une course de couleur, un festival holi ou une fête de couleur holi vous-même ?

Nous vous proposons les couleurs de holi de la meilleure qualité au monde et elles sont certifiées. Nous fournissons nos couleurs de holi à plus de 30 pays.

Nous disposons toujours d’un important stock de couleurs de holi disponible dans les formats suivants :

Nous proposons des couleurs de holi en gros ainsi que des sacs de fête de couleur holi.

Couleurs de holi pas chères

Si vous achetez des poudres de couleur de holi en ligne, il y a plusieurs choses que vous devez vérifier. La poudre de couleur de holi est-elle sûre ? L’emballage de la holi gulal est-il de bonne qualité ? Le fournisseur de poudre de couleur holi sera-t-il en mesure de vous livrer dans les temps ? Et bien sûr le prix des couleurs holi est-il correct ?

Chez Kingdom of Colors, nous vous garantissons tout cela. Ce n’est pas sans raison si la plupart de nos clients travaillent avec nous depuis plusieurs années et nous achètent des poudres de couleur holi en ligne.

En tant que grossiste en couleurs holi et fabricant de poudre holi nous pouvons vous proposer vos couleurs holi en vente au meilleur prix du marché.

Holi Color Powders Services

Fast Accurate Transparent Service
Transparency and accuracy to ensure your order will reach you in perfect condition and, of course, on time. Flexible payment terms for large orders. World wide delivery. Always answer to your emails the same day.
Logistics: Shipping and Transport Services
We only work with the best shipping agencies around the world. This way you can rely on the best shipping service there is. Within Europe we can supply each and every country within 4 to 7 days.
Full Color Logo Packaging Printing
We offer you Free Full Color Logo service on your packaging (MOQ 25.000 pouches). We have our own studio to offer you assistance with your design and copy if necessary.
Having your own customized color mixed
On our product page you can find our available and most popular colors. We also offer the service of having your own color mixed. Maybe a color, that suits your Company, Event, Color Run or Festival best. Minimum order quantity 1000KG
High quality Safe EU / US approved ingredients
Kingdom of Colors only delivers 100% non-toxic holi festival powder. The holi coloured powder is eco friendly and free of heavy metals or chemicals. Furthermore, our product is Non Dust Explosive tested. The color components used in our holi festival powder are color additives, which are completely harmless. They are also used in the European food industry.
Free sample (Courier costs not free)
We offer “Free Sample Service” of our products. Just in case you would like to test the Holi paint powder. The samples are free. The courier costs we charge and can be paid by PayPal or Bank.


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VDI 2263(1) Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE VDI 2263(1) in Germany. Report on request.

Cosm 1223 / 2009 approved

Ingredients used in our products are approved under European Union Cosmetic regulation  1223 / 2009.

OSHA / USA Non Dust Expl

Our product is tested NON DUST EXPLOSIVE / OSHA in USA. Report on request.

EN 71 Part III approved

Our product is tested under EN 71 Part III. Documentation on request.

Worldwide Delivery

We do fast and reliable worldwide shipping. We always choose the cheapest /fastest and most efficient option. We use Air Freight / Sea Freight / DHL / Truck delivery. A pick up from our warehouse is also possible.

Free Sample Service

We offer our clients free sample service to test our product. The samples are free of cost. Note: We might charge you for the courier costs.

Best Rates in the World

We supply direct from our production unit. We always have at least 50.000 KG in stock. Because we work with large volumes we can offer the best rates in the market.

FREE Logo Printing

What is more fun then having your own logo on your packaging. We offer this service starting from 25.000 bags. Please respect a lead time of approx 9 weeks. Faster is possible, but extra costs will be there.

Highest Quality Powder

We keep improving our products all the time to meet the latest EU and US standards. Suggestions are always welcome.

Easy to Clean Colors

Our colors are easy to wash from your event venue and skin. The product washes also easy out of hair and clothes. Do not wear your best white shirt to a color event. Damaged or bleached hair might absorb some color.

100% Safe Product

Our products only contain products approved by F&DA (Food and Drug Administration) and EN 71-3 and 1223 – 2009. No heavy metals.

Supplier large Color Runs

Our Colors are used all over the world by respected Color Runs. We do full warehousing / logistics and supply their color stations and provide the party bags for finish parties. Additional products can be bought on requiest.

Supplier Worldwide Festivals

Our colors are used all over the world by small and large Festivals. We can deliver last minute when the number of visitors is clear to the organizers. A reservation in advance is much appreciated

Supplier NGO´s / Fundraisers

We have catered many NGO´s and Fundraisers with our products. We always try to do something extra and to keep the rates as low as possible for these type of events.

Supplier Dealers / Webshops

We have a network of dealers around the world that offer our products. From small webshops to large suppliers. We offer them the best products in the world. We advice them how to grow their business and together we make sure all clients worldwide have the right products at the right place at the right time.

Fast communications

We always answer your emails within a few hours. Be aware we can be indifferent time zones. We guide our clients through the whole process of organizing a color event. We give you transparent advice on our rates for product and delivery.

Get free Holi Color samples

The samples are free of cost. The ask our clients to pay for the courier service

We work for many respected COLOR RUN´s and COLOR FESTIVALS around the world.

Below some of our corporate clients.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

(Please sent us your feedback as well)


Many thanks for the great COLORS! Great fast service guys Carlos, Eventmanager, SPAIN


Brand Activation for our client. Colorful big success. Loved the logo print! Julie, Ad Agency / United Kingdom


The Color Run was a huge success. No troubles cleaning. Next year again! Sofie, Fundraiser / NETHERLANDS


We raised a lot of money with our Color Run. Thanks again Kingdom of Colors. Liz, School Director / United States


Planning soon our next color party. We had great happy coloured crowd! Giovanni, Club Owner / ITALY


The bulk colors worked perfect. We loved Sky Blue and the Baby Pink a lot! Peter, Soccer Club / Australia

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How to clean Holi Colors

How to clean Holi Colors

Every day we receive a lot of emails from all over the world. People have questions about the colors, the packaging and of course the costs. After that the most ask questions are: Clean Holi Colors, what works best? How do I wash holi powder out of clothes and hair? Or how do I clean after color run? …

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Charity, Fundraising  & Gulal Powder

Charity, Fundraising & Gulal Powder

Many organizations, schools, projects and companies can use extra funds and attention for their cause or business. There is many ways to achieve this. By using gulal powder, color run powder or hippie powder a lot of attention is guaranteed and the positive vibe that the holi colors will bring will spread the word almost automatically…

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HOLI SNOW!  by Kingdom of Colors.

HOLI SNOW! by Kingdom of Colors.

Holi Snow was founded in 2013 by Kingdom of Colors. A great mix of Fun, Sports, Snow, fresh air, outdoor and of course Holi Powder! We selected a whole range of activities with Holi Colour you can organize in winter season. With or without mountains!? …

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