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Buy safe and high quality Holi Colors online.

Are you looking for a professional supplier to buy holi color powder? Kingdom of Colors / Holi Color Powders is a leading online supplier of holi color powder bulk. We deliver worldwide directly from our production unit or our warehouse in Europe. Buy color powder for color run, color event, or festival and enjoy our premium colors. Buy safe and high quality Holi Colors online. Make your Color Run or Holi Festival a succes. Bulk powder and holi party bags.


Where to buy colored powder:

There is various suppliers of colored powder. This means there is also difference in price and quality of Holi Colors. Before you decide where to buy holi color powder it is good to know if the color powder is non-toxic, eco friendly, non flammable and free of heavy metals or chemicals. Kingdom of Colors only supplies color powder made of pure Colored Corn Starch. Our holi festival powder will not irritate the skin or give a burning sensation and is easy to wash off. Our MSDS (Material Safety data Sheet) can be sent on request. If you need any advice how to organize a Color Run or Color Party, just contact us. We have assisted thousands of Color projects around the globe. Don´t question yourself where to buy holi color powder any longer.


Buy color powder for color run

Organizing a color run is big fun. It is also a great way to organize a fundraising, charity Event. You can buy color powder for your color run or other color event simply by filling in our contact form or check our. Would you like to check the quality of our organic holi colours before you place your order? Try our free sample service and receive a sample package within days.

Make your color run,color festival and color event success full with our eco friendly holi colours! If you are wondering where to buy your color powder for color run, Kingdom of Colors is your partner.

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