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Buy Colour Powder paint Bags party Pouches

colour powder paintKingdom of Colors offers pouches containing 100 gram and 70 gram colour powder paint.

These pouches are made of strong material and are designed to be opened easily.

Would you like to personalize your color event for better branding? You can print your own information on the pouches if desired. At larger quantities, this service is 100% free of costs. Buy colour powder paint in Bags and small party Pouches

Our bags are packed with 200 pieces in strong carton boxes. When you prefer boxes with Holi Color bags in mixed colors, we offer this service. Make your color festival or colour run a success with our quality products. For advice on quantity or specifications, feel free to contact us or try our Powder Calculator for assistance. Buy colour powder paint in Bags and small party Pouches at Kingdom of Colors!

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Do you got a question? Or want to place a order? Call +31 (0)62 48 14 331 or mail to info@holicolorpowders.com or goto Get Quotation.

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[/et_pb_cta][et_pb_image admin_label= »Color Festival package » _builder_version= »3.17.2″ src= »https://www.holicolorpowders.com/nieuw/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2018/10/festival-package-1.jpg » url= »https://www.www.holicolorpowders.com/fr/colour-festival-packages/ » saved_tabs= »all » global_module= »3163″ /][et_pb_accordion admin_label= »USP  » global_module= »803″ toggle_font_size= »12″ body_font_size= »14″ use_border_color= »on » border_color= »#ffffff » border_style= »solid » custom_css_main_element= » border-radius: 0px 10px 10px 0px; » open_toggle_background_color= »#f8f8f8″ closed_toggle_background_color= »#f8f8f8″ icon_color= »#81d742″ module_class= »accordion_2″ custom_padding= »||15px| » saved_tabs= »all »][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Worldwide Delivery »] We do fast and reliable worldwide shipping. We always choose the cheapest /fastest and most efficient option. We use Air Freight / Sea Freight / DHL / Truck delivery. A pick up from our warehouse is also possible. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Free Sample Service »] We offer our clients free sample service to test our product. The samples are free of cost. Note: We might charge you for the courier costs. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Best Rates in the World »] We supply direct from our production unit. We always have at least 50.000 KG in stock. Because we work with large volumes we can offer the best rates in the market. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »FREE Logo Printing »] What is more fun then having your own logo on your packaging. We offer this service starting from 25.000 bags. Please respect a lead time of approx 9 weeks. Faster is possible, but extra costs will be there. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Highest Quality Powder »] We keep improving our products all the time to meet the latest EU and US standards. Suggestions are always welcome. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Easy to Clean Colors »] Our colors are easy to wash from your event venue and skin. The product washes also easy out of hair and clothes. Do not wear your best white shirt to a color event. Damaged or bleached hair might absorb some color. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »100% Safe Product »] Our products only contain products approved by F&DA (Food and Drug Administration) and EN 71-3 and 1223 – 2009. No heavy metals. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Supplier large Color Runs »] Our Colors are used all over the world by respected Color Runs. We do full warehousing / logistics and supply their color stations and provide the party bags for finish parties. Additional products can be bought on requiest. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Supplier Worldwide Festivals »] Our colors are used all over the world by small and large Festivals. We can deliver last minute when the number of visitors is clear to the organizers. A reservation in advance is much appreciated [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Supplier NGO´s / Fundraisers »] We have catered many NGO´s and Fundraisers with our products. We always try to do something extra and to keep the rates as low as possible for these type of events. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Supplier Dealers / Webshops »] We have a network of dealers around the world that offer our products. From small webshops to large suppliers. We offer them the best products in the world. We advice them how to grow their business and together we make sure all clients worldwide have the right products at the right place at the right time. [/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title= »Fast communications »] We always answer your emails within a few hours. Be aware we can be indifferent time zones. We guide our clients through the whole process of organizing a color event. We give you transparent advice on our rates for product and delivery. [/et_pb_accordion_item][/et_pb_accordion][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_section]